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We’re looking to move from one set of active hosts – which will be decommissioned – to a new set of hosts.  We’re moving from blades to physical servers.


Current setup:

vCenter 6.7 (recently upgraded from 6.5)

vDS with one Uplink set

One operational host cluster

One new host cluster (this was added since the new hosts are using Intel CPUs, while the current hosts are AMD)


The current ESXi host blades have this configuration:

– 5 hosts each running ESXi 6.5

– 6 NICs each, all included in one uplink set on the vCenter vDS (6 uplinks with 5 NIC Adapters each = one vDS uplink set)


The NEW ESXi host servers have this configuration:

– 5 hosts each running ESXi 6.7

– 2 NICs each, added to new host cluster (*I had to add a new ephemeral port group and assign a Vlan ID, let’s say 200), with their single active interface added to the first two uplink groups in the uplink set (so now it’s 6 uplink groups with 2 having 10 NIC adapters, and 4 still having 5 adapters = one vDS uplink set)

     – One of those NICs on each host is down because the switch they are connected to is configured as distributed LACP trunks carrying the 3 environment  Vlans

     – The VMKernel interface (management interface on each) is connected to the new vDS Port Group (none of the operational hosts are connected to the new Port group)


The question I have now is how do I set up LACP on the vDS to only work with the new hosts connected to the switch?  How should I configure networking between the two host clusters if they’re using the same vDS with minimal or no downtime?  Need advice on how best to do this.  Thanks, in advance.

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