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we try to set up link agregation on a super micro atom motherboard A2SDi-16C-HLN4F (16core , one ipmi and quad lan adapter) platform.




Before that we tried ESXi 6.7 which failed to detect the 4 nic so we abandon the idea of installation.

We made a new try yesterday with ESXi 7.0b. The network is perfectly detected although it seems that there is a lots of uncompatible hardware on PCI peripherals tabs (?)




Ayway the configurator set a VMK0 and a vSwitch0




We have also the 4 standard nic detected and up.




We have seen and seen again (but not engough 🙂 tutorials and we do not found any option to add LACP on the 4 interface. We already configured LACP with some equipment so the switch is not the problem.


As we have ESXi free edition, i’m afraid that LACP cannot be activated ?


Many thanks for helping.

Best regards.

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