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Hi all, I am still quite new to VM. We had our old VM environment replaced with Hyper con. We want to keep back some of the old kit for testing and training.


We did have 3 hosts and 2 SANs. We decommissioned two of the hosts and left the 1st host in a LAB cluster which can be managed from vcenter.


The other day I logged into Vcenter, zapped the old VMs from the old SANs and did a tidy up, all good. I then put the old two hosts (not part of vcenter) into maintenance and shut them down. I did this by hitting the IPs of each host.


Today it seems I cannot log into the SANs (Dell Equalogic) and in Vcenter its shown as unavailable. When I try and log into Equallogic it says unable to contact server, read only and then shows no info.


Could it be the SANs are talking via the old hosts? Do I need to power up the old hosts in order to detach the SANs from the old hosts? Or could this be physical cabling issue?


Thanks for any info.

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