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We are in the process of deploying new hardware and a new Win10 SOE.  I’ve been struggling with this exact same issue for several weeks.  I’ve contacted Microsoft premier support (in case it was something to do with the Boot.WIM drivers for the VM) but as it’s VMWare not Hyper-V, they don’t really want to know about it.


I’ll follow this post very closely for any updates.


Like the original poster, we used a VM to perform a ‘build and capture’ MDT task sequence for WIN8.1 every few months to update the SOE image.  It worked perfectly (and used the native BIOS mode).

As the new laptops require EFI mode, we assumed we could simply adjust the VM parameters accordingly and perform a similar ‘build and capture’ task sequence for WIN10, but we either get this driver error:



…..or (like the original poster) the VM just reboots and starts the EFI boot process after a few minutes.  I’ve not seen the screen offering me the task sequence options even once!


I have tried countless WIMS and used different driver packs, but no success so far.


Please advise any updates or articles relating to this issue.





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