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I have a VM with 64 vCPUs and 512GB RAM, it’s a massive db. ESXi 6.5 are HP DL560 with 4 sockets (22 cores each + HT) and 1.5 TB RAM. According to Frank Denneman’s book vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive I aimed at keeping the VPD onto as little psockets as possible. By disabling the Hot add CPU feature and by adding the preferHT set to True I increased performance quite a lot and I expected to see cores spread onto two physical sockets. However while the VMWare KB 2003582 states how to implement the preferHT setting it does not mention something Frank Denneman did say in his book:


“Please remember to adjust the numa.autosize.vcpu.maxPerVirtualNode setting in the VM if it is already been powered-on once. This setting overrides the numa.vcpu.preferHT=TRUE setting”

End quote


I read the above after I did the initial changes to the VM and I have now noticed that its numa.autosize.vcpu.maxPerVirtualNode value is 11. According to Virtual NUMA Controls I should get 6 virtual nodes by dividing 64 by 11,but I see the VM has 7. This is another thing I don’t understand.

following which criteria do I adjust numa.autosize.vcpu.maxPerVirtualNode value?

Shall I set it to 44 as it is the max number of logical cores in a physical socket? Or shall I disable it and let the system do its best decision? If yes how do I disable it? This is the current layout of the cpu resources of the vm:


although performances have improved I’m not happy with the distribution of the cores. Specially considering that homeNode 3 is not used at all.



So, to recap my question to the experienced admins are the following:


1. following which criteria do I adjust the numa.autosize.vcpu.maxPerVirtualNode value so that the preferHT setting is enforced correctly?

2. why homeNode 3 is not in use at all?

3. I knew that in 6.5 the coresPerSocket setting was decoupled from the Socket setting, so it does not really matter anymore if you set 12 sockets x 1 core or 1 Socket x 12 cores (unless licenses rectrictions are in place). However in Frank Denneman’s book I read:


If preferHT is used, we recommend aligning the cores per socket to the physical CPU package layout. This leverages the OS and application LLC optimizations the most

end quote

So, in this case the use of CoresPerSocket is effective? Then I should set 2 Sockets x 32 coresPerSocket? Option that frankly I haven’t seen available in the VM Settings window

4. Why the VM has 7 virtual nodes instead of 6?

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