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Hi friends, I really need some advices about vSphere replication.

Our both Data Center have different version of vSphere.

DC A version is 6.7 and DC B is 6.0

We are planning to update all host in DC B from 6.0 to 6.7. But we need to failover all VM from DC B to DC A.


And my question is

1. Can we pairing vsphere replication accross different version?

Let say my DC A using vSphere replication 8.1 and my DC B using vSphere Replication 6.1. Is it possible pair both of them?


2. Can we install vSphere Replication 8.1 in vSphere 6.0 environment?

I read the vSphere documentation that vSphere replication 8.1 fully support in vCenter 6.0 environment.


I would be very happy if someone can share their experience about vSphere Replication


Thank you

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