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I’m trying to enable passthrough of a SATA controller. I can’t get past the “Enabled / Needs reboot” state. I have an NVMe PCIe card which is passed through to the guest successfully so the bios is set to permit virtualization.


Running VMware ESXi 7.0.0 build 16324942

ASRock x570m-pro4 AMD motherboard

Booting ESXi off USB drive


ESXi appears to have correctly added the device /etc/vmware/passthru.map :


[root@x:/etc/vmware] grep vmhba0 *

esx.conf:/vmkdevmgr/pci/p0000:08:00.0/alias = "vmhba0"

esx.conf:/vmkdevmgr/logical/pci#p0000:08:00.0#0/alias = "vmhba0"


[root@x:/etc/vmware] tail -n 2 passthru.map

# AMD FCH SATA Controller [AHCI mode]

1022 7901 d3d0 default

Should I be able to add the SATA controller to the guest VM using “add other device” ?

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