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I am currently looking at upgrading our Vcenter. We are currently on 6.5u2f and the latest is 6.5u3e.


We went from 5.5 earlier on in the year and had numerous guest VM’S on vmwaretools 9355, which looking at the build numbers points to 5.5 tool version.


I was worried initially and updated many of the guests tools. Some are now on 102xx and some 103xx.


My question is, will this cause the VM’S an issue having mismatched tool versions when i upgrade Vcenter (especially the ones that were on 9355 originally).


Also i presume that Vcenter updates are cumulative. So i can jump straight from 6.5.u2f to 6.5u3e. Or do i have to do incremental upgrade steps?.


I hope I’m clear on my concerns, and i am very much grateful to hear from the experts.


Thanks guys

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