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Hey guys,


I installed an external PSC (psc1) and VCSA (vcsa1, pointed to psc1) under vsphere.local and site1.


Then I installed another external PSC (psc2). During installation, I joined it to vsphere.local and same site. I verified that there was replication going between psc1 and psc2. Then I installed another VCSA (vsca2) and pointed to psc2.


Everything worked as expected.


Today, I broke the replication between both PSCs.


Question – Just curious if I can create the replication again between those two PSCs again as I dont see any doc out there for that. Some people say dont think about doing it if there is are any instructions because of slate entries. But slate entries were removed when I broke the replication. Anyways, has anyone came across this scenario? Let me know. Thanks.

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