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I have an ongoing fight with my iSCSI connections which has become more and more odd as I progress.

I have an HP c7000 with a full compliment of blades, each with two nics dedicated to iSCSI vmk’s and on standard switches. As you can see by the attached screenshots, I have some of the bound adapters showing Active and some that are showing Last Used/Dead. They are all configured the exact same way, all use the same drivers, and all connecting to the same store. I have tried changing Layer 1, I have blown vmk’s away and rebuilt them, I have rebooted,  I cannot understand why this is happening. Yes, I know that my gear is older than dirt, but I can do nothing about that.

If anyone can give some insight into why this might happen or offer some suggestions, I would be grateful.


Blade operating as expected:



Blade not operating as expected:



Thanks in advance

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