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vSphere: vSphere Client version

Hypervisor: VMware ESXi, 6.0.0, 9313334


I exported a new ova using the ovftool and utilised the –eula@=<my_license_file> option. Our license file is rather large. The new ova deploys perfectly using Deploy OVF Template in the vSphere Web Client (Flash) version. It didn’t work using Deploy OVF Template in the vSphere Client (HTML5).


Digging a little further I soon realised that the size of the license agreement dictated whether it worked or not in vSphere Client (HTML5). As people know the license agreement gets added to the ovf descriptor file, so it’s likely the size of the descriptor file that is at fault.


As a rough estimate, any ovf descriptor file over 210000 bytes prevents (at least in my experiments) Deploy OVT Template working in vSphere Client (HTML5). When I start deleting lines from the embedded license file in the ovf descriptor file, the Deploy OVF Template works as expected in the vSphere Client (HTML5).


In normal circumstance when a user finishes the Deploy OVF Template wizard, they should see 2 running tasks:


– Import OVF package

– Deploy OVF template


If using a large descriptor file (due to large embedded license) the Import OVF template task doesn’t start and eventually times out in the vSphere Client (HTML5).


I haven’t seen this limitation on the descriptor file documented anywhere, and if there is a limitation maybe the vSphere Client (HTML5) should throw a validation warning/error. At the moment, the user gets nothing except a timeout. I got similar results in Chrome and Firefox.


I have attached a loremipsum license.txt file people can use. As mentioned it will work well in the Web Client (Flash), not so well in the HTML client.



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