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Hey guys,

I need a little guidance from a SQL/VMware guru please..


So we’re moving from HyperV to VMware and I have a question around best design for a largish SQL server.

They HyperV VM was configured with 20vCPU and 384GB RAM and was further configured across 2x NUMA nodes. This ran on a host had 2 pCPU with 20cores (80 logical processors) and 512GB RAM.

The new VMware Hosts have 2pCPU with 26cores (104 Logical Processors) and 786GB RAM and the VM will have the same vCPU/vRAM configuration as per the original HyperV version.


The VMware VM is currently configured with 2xSockets with 10xCores for the 20 vCPU


The question I have is that in the HyperV SQL server I can see that there’s 2 NUMA Nodes but on the VMware VM there’s only a single NUMA node.


So my question is, is the CPU configuration of the VMware VM OK as above or should I look at doing a different setup? Also I assume the NUMA node on the VMware VM is only 1 due to the host having more physical Cores and RAM?? Would it make any difference being a single NUMA node?


Thanks in advance

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