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Hi Everyone,


I’m a fairly new VMware administrator.  Took over duties from someone who recently left our organization.  I’m familiar with most cloud computing basics (at least in theory), but still getting used to VMware’s setup and administration.


We are currently running VMware ESXi 6.5.  (We have the free version.)  I have 5 VMs setup, some with 8 CPU’s, some with 4, some with 2, etc  I recently tried to create a new VM with 2 CPUs, and I received the error, “Failed to reconfigure virtual machine [VM Name}. There are insufficient licenses to complete this operation.”  I figured I must have reached the limit on the number of CPUs I can use on my current version of VMware.  So I went to one of my other machines that has 8 cores, but definitely doesn’t need 8 cores, and I attempted to reduce its number of cores to 4.  But I received the same message.  “Insufficient licences to complete the operation…”


I could understand getting that message when trying to add CPUs to a VM, but I don’t know why I’m getting it when removing CPUs from a VM.


I’ve made sure that my license key is still active.  It says it never expires.  And nothing on the license side has changed.


If anyone has any recommendations on other things I can investigate, I’d greatly appreciate it!


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