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I have 4 servers that I have updated to ESXi 6.7.0 Update 3 (Build 14320388) and on all 4 servers, the web interface now shows a timeout error when I attempt to login:


I can access the page with no problems.  I start by logging in:

I then get an error saying “Connection to ESXi host timed out:”


If I try to refresh the page after this, I just get the VMware logo:


Sometimes the page will load, but I see this in the title of the tab and I am not able to do anything inside the page:



I am experiencing this problem on two Dell R620 servers that are hosted in a data center and two Dell R420 servers that I have at home.  They are not on the same network, yet they are both exhibiting the same exact issue.  I have tried Chrome, Chrome Incognito, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.  If I reboot the servers, I am able to temporarily access the web interface, but I eventually start getting these timeouts again.  I am not able to SSH to the servers because SSH gets disabled on each reboot.  I have also found that if I connect to the management console via iDRAC, I can press F2 and get prompted for credentials, but after accepting the credentials, it just hangs and is no longer responsive to keyboard commands:


Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this?  The fact that it is happening on 4 different servers on 2 different networks leads me to believe there is a larger problem here and not something localized to my installs.

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