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We had the same issue with IBM x3650 M4 ServeRaid M5110e Firmware 23.34.0-0023.

The following error was shown during the Installation of ESXi:

This program has encountered an error:

(Use the arrow keys to scroll)

Error (see log for more info):

Command ‘/sbin/partedUtil setptbl /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.60…..

Error: Input/output error during read on /dev/disks/naa.60…

WriteNewPtable: Unable to commit to disk




The following workaround fixed my problem:


  • Boot from Vmware ISO image (doesn’t matter which version – 5.5 or 6.0 or 6.5)
  • During the boot process (booting from ISO), press “Shift+O”
  • Remove the boot-option „runweazel“ in the command-line and press Enter to boot the ISO Image into the RAM


  • ESXi will be running within the RAM (root password is blank)
  • – Assign an IP-Address (to be able to connect via SSH later on)
  • – Enable ESXi Shell and Enable Shell


  • Download the attached ibm_fw_sraidmr_6gb-23.34.0-0018_linux_32-64.bin (see attached files)
  • Extract the “image” folder from that file
  • Copy this “image” folder via WinSCP (or other application) onto the ESXi-Server into the following directory: /opt/MegaCli
  • If /opt/MegaCli does not exist, create that folder.


  • Download attached “MegaCli” and “Libstorelib.so” file
  • Copy these two files also into “/opt/MegaCli”
  • Modify the permission of the MegaCli and Libstorelib.so files to read/write/execute (7777)


  • Connect via SSH to the server and use the following commands to downgrade the RaidController
    • Check if the RaidController is recognized:

[root@localhost:/opt/MegaCli] ./MegaCli -ldinfo -lall -aall


Adapter 0 — Virtual Drive Information:

Virtual Drive: 0 (Target Id: 0)

Name                :

RAID Level          : Primary-5, Secondary-0, RAID Level Qualifier-3

Size                : 7.626 TB

Parity Size         : 557.861 GB

State               : Optimal

Strip Size          : 128 KB

Number Of Drives    : 15

Span Depth          : 1

Default Cache Policy: WriteBack, ReadAhead, Direct, Write Cache OK if Bad BBU

Current Cache Policy: WriteBack, ReadAhead, Direct, Write Cache OK if Bad BBU

Default Access Policy: Read/Write

Current Access Policy: Read/Write

Disk Cache Policy   : Disabled

Encryption Type     : None

PI type: No PI

Is VD Cached: No



  • Downgrade the Controller to the according version (file lsi2208.rom must be copied before)


[root@localhost:/opt/MegaCli] ./MegaCli -AdpFwFlash -f lsi2208.rom -NoVerChk -a0


Adapter 0: ServeRAID M5110e

Vendor ID: 0x1000, Device ID: 0x005B

Download Completed.

Flashing image to adapter…

Adapter 0: Flash Completed.

Exit Code: 0x00


  • After rebooting the server, you should be able to install VMware ESXi.
  • After completed Installation of VMware ESXi, you can update the RaidController again (edit: Is does NOT work. Also after updating the Controller again, the storage can not be found.)

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