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Im running EXSi 6.5 on the physical server with four hard drives in a raid 5 array, for whatever reason, I believe there was a power surge that went through the ups the system was no longer able to boot up to EXSi, it was no longer detecting the hard drives and was stuck in a boot loop.


Went ahead and purchased another similar server, put the hard drives in it and turned it on, Voila! boots up to EXSi fine.  No hard drive complaints nothing at all, settings are preserved.  Login to Exsi using the web UI and then the problem starts, it is unable to load the datastore.  It sees the storage device, and sees the existing “partitions”  but no way for me to load up the datastore to get the VM’s back online.



And the Storage Device that comes up.


Storage Device.PNG


Any idea how i can get this storage device actually working so i can at least try to get the data off these virtual machines?



Any help would be much appreciated.

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