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After installing U3 on our VCSA 6.7 we’re having issues upgrading the ESXi hosts to U3.  The “Update Manager” is asking for an ISO file, but all of the downloads from VMware’s Update website only downloads a ZIP file.



VMware is asking me to download from the full package area of the website, but those files are dated back to 8/2019 and doesn’t have the current updates.  The problem is the update website only downloads ZIP files and the main website has both available, but they are older updates.




Is there a method in ESXi 6.7U2 hosts to update using the ZIP files?  Update Manager only allows ISO files, but there are no ISO files on the first link to the update page only the second link.


Right now I have another problem regarding the zip files.  When I try to burn them to CD/DVD the individual files within the ISO file are placed there instead of the ISO file Itself.

I want to update the hosts using the latest files up to April 2020.

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