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Hey guys,


As far as my virtual environment experience goes, what I am used to seeing is something like a NetApp, and then one or two regular Dell Servers connected to the NetApp via a switch. The Dell Servers will get a type I Hypervisor put on them, and then I connect to the NetApp and see tons of additional storage space (let’s say the NetApp had 20TB of drives). I can then create many VM’s across the NetApp and across those one or two Dell Servers.



However, I was wondering if something different is possible. I current have a ton of servers that are not utilizing a virtual environment. I want them to so I can turn VM’s on and shut them off as I please and so if one physical server goes down, I can have them run somewhere else.


What if I have 10 Dell PowerEdge Servers, each with 6 TB worth of hard drives in them. Can I take those 10 servers and use them like I would use the NetApp? In other words, can I combine all of those servers and make it so all of them are a virtual environment utilizing 60 TB of space?  If so, I am guessing I would need vSphere and vCenter in order to. Please correct me if I am wrong and throw any additional information at me. Thanks!

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