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I’m looking for some information on the best steps for migrating both vcenter and the external  psc from old hardware to new hardware. Both on physical servers.

No version upgrade is occurring.   Most of the documentation on this is about migrating to the appliance, which we are not ready for yet. 


I see a lot of steps(documentation) for moving the PSC or vcenter separately but not together.  I have some ideas on how to do this but I’m not 100% sure.


My thoughts

1) Install the new PSC as part of the domain.  Rather than a new instance.

2) repoint the old vcenter to the new psc

3) remove the old psc using the cmsso-util

4) backup DB, restore on new vcenter hardware, install vcenter using the restored db pointing to the new PSC 

(unsure about this )5) cleanup old vcenter host name in PSC using cmsso-util


Couple concerns with this flow.  vcenter server name change ?  should I try to keep it the old name or continue with step 5  or if I keep the old host would I have to even do step 5 ?



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