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We have a vSphere cluster using NFS datastores.  Each node has 4x 10Gb ports and running Enterprise Plus license.


For the network config, I am planning to have Network IO control enabled on the single vDS object then create the DvUplink group using all 4x 10Gb adapters configured as trunk ports on the network switch.  All VLAN tagged port groups (management, vMotion, IP Storage, VM Networks) will be configured with all 4x 10Gb uplinks as ACTIVE and ‘Route based on originating port’ for load balancing.


The other option would be dedicating 2x 10Gb NICS for NFS storage traffic only, then place all other port groups under the remaining 2x 10Gb trunk ports.


I think having all 4 active is the way to go, but I’m curious if anyone has comments or feedback as to why this wouldn’t be a good option?


Feedback appreciated.  Thanks


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