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From within the VM, I can not ping anything but itslef, localhost. There’s no reply when pinging the Def Gateway. Name resolution to anything else on the network obviously fails for that reason.


Now from outside the VM, other VM’s on the same subnet and same DV Switch, there is no reply from either pinging that VM’s DNS name or the IP address. The VM’s on the same subnet and same DV Switch are live on the network, meaning they respond to pings and can athenticate to all resources on the network.


So it’s acting like it is not on the network.


Again, if I vmotion it to another host, it starts to reply to pings on the network and *IS* on the network.

Now for kick’s, I vmotioned it back onto the previous host it was on (when it was not on the network) and it’s still on the network…….lol, weird, I know!!!


I can’t seem to replicate it. We find out when customers call in saying thier VM is no longer alive.

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