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I would like to ask for some help/clarification about licenses since VMware are not being very helpful.


We bought a Dell VRTX which compacts a chassis with 4 servers and a shared storage all in one. It does not use vSAN for the Hosts to access the shared storage. They are presented as Virtual Disks

We have installed VMware ESXi in the Hosts and used vCenter to create the Cluster, Hosts and Virtual Machines. We have assigned the correct license to each Hosts and vCenter. But, the Cluster is still asking for a license.


We do not use vSAN in the VRTX or vCenter. Why would the Cluster still ask for a license in vCenter? I have asked this question twice to VMware with different replies, and telling me to contact Dell. But, this is a VMware license issue.


Why would vCenter ask for a Cluster license when we are not using vSAN?



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