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Hello to all,

I am a server tech who has had a small sized virtualized network handed to me and since I have been knee deep in vm-ish, no exaggeration.


I have a server that needed ESXi 6.0 reloaded ( I know, extremely out of date) however that is what was turned over. I rebuilt RAID, installed ESXi however after initial configuration two noticeable issues.


1. The network lights on the server are flashing very, very fast. I mean like very fast. I know there is a portchannel on the Cisco (3 links) to three of the server Ethernet ports. Is this normal? I checked the switch interfaces for failed packets and there are none. Host #2 is set up the same way and has not issues communicating.


2. I thought I would need to get in and set up the PortGroup, vmkernel, vnic, etc., but after configuring the IP address, DFGW, DNS, etc., I can only ping the DFGW. I also cannot cannot pull up the WebUI. With all four ethernets connected there is no connectivity however once I connect only NIC3 cable I can ping the DFGW. My domain controller is in Host #2 which is on the same subnet but the newly install Host #1 cannot ping it or any VMs there. I cannot ping the Host from a desktop either.


I tried connecting a laptop to the server directly but it failed. I think I will need a cross over cable or a cross over adapter. (Checking that tomorrow).


I installed this in my home lab (2 x ESXi Hosts) and worked like a charm but for the life of me cannot figure out the issue.


Hoping to get some pointers from the community.




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