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Hi Guys,


I am trying to setup vmware replication over an isolated L2 link between our two data centres and running into issues and the documentation is rather hazy to say the least!




We have two separate clusters at different data centres separated by a L3 network and also we run a L2 network for our SAN replication. I want to use this L2 link to run isolated replication traffic for vmware as we also have riverbed appliances on these links to optimise this traffic. I am currently just trying to setup the basic but failing quite quickly! I have setup the VMK adaptors with both vSphere Replication and vSphere Replication NFC services and using vmkping I get responses across all hosts and between the data centres.




My issue comes when I install the replication appliance, I add another vnic and attach the original to the management network and the second to the VDS and assigned the the L2 link, both interfaces have an IP address assigned and from the L2 network I can confirm the responded to vmkping. When I go to add the IP Address for Incoming Storage Traffic I get an error saying “Given IP is not a valid local IP address” which I assume is because the management network is on another subnet/network. Now according to the documentation from here https://docs.vmware.com/en/vSphere-Replication/6.5/com.vmware.vsphere.replication-admin.doc/GUID-02DB51A0-C45C-4849-B910-C4EA296FA3EB.html I should be able to set the IP address for both the incoming storage traffic and then for the VRMS management traffic however I only see the option for incoming storage traffic and not management traffic……


Pretty sure I’m missing a step or being stupid with this ………


Any help would be amazing.



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