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I am trying to get VMware Replication running in my test/dev environment.




ESXi 6.7U3

vCenter: 6.7.0 14368073

VMware Replication:  8.2.0 14761900


Two physical ESXi hosts connected back to back, ie: no firewalls or network devices in the way.


Deployed via vCenter web client OVF install.




I have redeployed the appliances multiple times with the same result.


I can successfully replicate VMs from site B to site A, but I can’t do it the other way round.


The replication job from Site A just sits in a “Not Active” state.





I’ve read though multiple forums/websites that describe the common Replication issues.   I have ensured:


  1. Full network connectivity between the two sites is available.
  2. All the required VIBs are loaded on the ESXi servers (I did see VMware Knowledge Base )
  3. The ESXi firewall ports are enabled for “Replication-to-Cloud Traffic”
  4. Both replication appliances can see each other and show the status as connected.
  5. vCenter on both sides shows the Replication appliances as connected.


I can’t see any obvious errors in the ESXi or Replication Appliance logs (perhaps I’m not looking for the right thing).


At this stage, I can’t think of anything else to check, so suggestions are most welcome.

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