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I’ve got a legacy VM network consisting of 4x Win NT 4 servers and 16 Win98 clients running on a ESXI 5.5 Server (due to hardware compatibility) that I am planning on using to demonstrate this legacy system for educational purposes and for museum sessions (this is basicly a RM Connect 2 School system from the late 90’s).


My hope was to be able to connect the Win98 machines to 16 Raspberry Pi machine (acting as thin clients) using VNC Remote Display connections (each Pi connecting using a different port with a specific VM for each Pi)


The problem I am having are two:-


1) The firewall rules keep resetting in ESXI if I shut down and restart the server – and blocking the ports I’ve setup for VNC (5901-6001).



2)The VNC remote display does not get updated. When I connect, I get a single frozen screen shot displayed which does not ever get updated, however the mouse cursor does move around the screen, and is updating the VM (if viewed via v Sphere Console), and you can interact with the VM using the mouse on the VNC connection, (e.g. clicking on things etc) – but the results only appear on the vSphere console, not the VNC remote display. The color dept seems to be set at 8 colors as well. The Win NT machines work most of the time, but if connected before it has fully loaded up then sometimes it freezes the display as well.


I’m using VNCViewer as my client



The RDP remote displays system work fine for the Win98 machines on VirtualBox using MS RDP Client, however I would like if I can to stick to VMW ESXi – mainly due to the lack of VBox video drivers for Win98, and the much more user friendly GUI on ESXi. I understand that VNc is no longer supported by VMW, however any help would be appreciated, as all the online tutorials about setting up VNC connections seem to make no mention of either of these two issues.


Many Thanks



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