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we have upgraded from vSphere 5.5 on WIndows to vSphere 6.7 Appliance. For this we have done the following steps:

1. Install 2 ESXi 6.7 Standalone hosts

2. Install Appliance 6.0 on the first 6.7 host

3. Connect 5.5 ESXi Servers to appliance

4. Update ESXi Servers 5.5 to 6.0

5. Upgrade Appliance to 6.7 with deploying the 6.7 Appliance on the second 6.7 host

   —> Here the upgrade has created a VM for the Appliance with EVC-Mod “Intel Broadwell”, don’t know why. The deployment of the appliance 6.0 has not set EVC-Mod on the Appliance VM.


Now the problem is that i cannot migrate the appliance to our cluster because there the EVC-Mode is not supported.

If i’m right i have to disable / configure EVC Mod on the VM but i cannot do this via vSphere because i have to shutdown the VM (but there is the appliance running…).

From the gui of the standalone host with vm offline i cannot find a point to configure EVC Mod of the vm.


Is there a way to (un)set the EVC Mod?


Thank in advance


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