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I have 5 Dell R730’ Servers each with VMWARE ESXI, Version 1.8.0, Build 4516221, ESXI Version 6.5.0, ESXI Build Version 4887370 running Windows Server 2012 r2 VM’s. 

I want to delete all the Server 2012 R2s and install Windows Server 2016, researching the requirements for Windows Server 2016 I see that the following is recommended; 64-bit CPU with second-level address translation (SLAT), VM Monitor Mode extensions, 4GB RAM, Virtualization support-enabled BIOS or UEFI, Data Execution Prevention (DEP) support-enabled BIOS or UEFI, Network access (optional for VM use; required if VMs must communicate with the network/internet).

Where can I lookup if my current 6.5.0 will support the Server 2016 requirements.

Thank you

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