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I have brand new UCS C220 M5 server with Intel Ethernet Controller X550-T2 (Slot L) and Intel X710 (Slot 1)


Esxcli network nic list:

Does not list the X550 ethernet. Only lists X710.


Lspci -v | grep -A1:

Lists both X550 as vmnic0 and vmnic1 as well as X710 as vmnic 2 and vmnic3


Updated the IXGBEN driver to 1.7.20 (Latest driver for the X550 from VMware.


I then enabled the driver using esxcli system module set –enabled=true –module=IXGBEN


After reboot there is still no changes.


I reviewed the vmkernel log and I see the following lines which incandescent only guess it means it is not installing the driver for the device.


-Register driver ixgben from module 18

-initialization of ixgben succeeded with modulen18

-ixgben loaded successfully

-Attaching ixgben driver

-device 0000:3b:00.0 pciBar 0 bus_addr xxxxx

(Note….the device is the X550)

-ixgbe_validate_eeprom_checksum_x550:2624 : invalid eeprom checksum

-ixgben_initsharedcode:323: invaled eeprom checksum

-ixgben: indrv_attach: ZZ7Z Failed to init shared code

-DMA engine ixgben destroyed.


When I look at lspci -p


I see both X550 devices (0000:3b:00.0 and 0000:3b:00.1) attached to vmklinux module


When I run the vmkload_mod -l


I see the ixgben driver modules running.


Other things I did was re-install 6.5 using the Cisco custom image. I have also install the ixgbe driver. I have enabled all optionROM in the BIOS.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

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