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Thanks for the reply.

I have a doubt

In the Vcenter server for windows 5.5u3 I have 3 nic (management, backup and replication) when migrating to VCSA6.5U2 you can only migrate one management nic and according to a Vmware document the VCSA 6.5U2 only supports one nic and you can add another nic unless you put another VCSA6.5.

I have seen several documents that can be configured several nic backup and replicates on the VCSA and works them. But I do not know if you open a case to vmware for some problem and see that I have configured the VCSA with 3 nic can not give me support.
How can I get the VCSA to have only one nic and configure the backup and replication to work for me. With routing?. You have some documentation for this?

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