Windows 10 build 21343: File Explorer new icons and features

Windows 10 build 21343 hands-on with the new File Explorer icons for folders, drives, and other elements, and we looked into the changes in the Start menu and more. More details ➤

Table of contents
00:00 Intro
00:26 New icons File Explorer
04:11 Rename file support
04:33 Network visual changes
04:56 Start menu changes
05:11 Closing

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  1. They really need to get around to adding tabbed explorer. I've been using a third-party solution for years now

  2. How can I get those new icons, or install them, maybe not by regedit or icon pack, thanks.

    Cómo puedo obtener esos nuevos iconos, o instalarlos, no ´se talvez por regedit o pack de iconos, gracias

  3. I like the new icons! The different colors will make it much faster to navigate, and better for those with dyslexia

  4. Could we get the new icons now by replacing the imageres.dll with the dev one? Or is this file irreplaceable?

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