PRTG Tutorial: Nutanix Cluster Health & Nutanix Hypervisor Sensor

In this tutorial Nina shows the Nutanix Cluster Health Sensor and the Nutanix Hypervisor Sensor in Paessler PRTG Network Monitor.


The SNMP Nutanix Cluster Health sensor monitors the status and the performance of a Nutanix cluster via the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
The new SNMP Nutanix Cluster Health BETA sensor provides an overview of your Nutanix cluster and shows the status of the cluster, as well as several performance metrics. Additionally to the quick status overview where you can see whether the cluster is started or stopped, for example, the new SNMP Nutanix Cluster Health sensors enables you to check I/O operations per second, used I/O bandwidth, and I/O latency with PRTG.

The SNMP Nutanix Hypervisor BETA sensor monitors the health of your Nutanix cluster hypervisors. The sensor shows an overview of hypervisor performance metrics like CPU usage, traffic, and I/O data, as well as the number of active virtual machines on a node.

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