R O W A N | Boyfriend Dungeon [Part 5]

R O W A N | Boyfriend Dungeon [Part 5]

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Welcome to my let’s play of Boyfriend Dungeon! So many of you wanted me to play this game and I couldn’t agree more lol!

Okay I really think I have a rowan problem LOL. But I will say that Sunder really did surprise me this episode and I couldn’t contain my excitement! I was way too excited and…



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  1. Rowan and Sunder are both so good even though they're basically opposites ??? I have no idea how you're going to choose ? (I'm on Rowan's side tho ??‍♀️)

  2. Aww the birthday event hit different for me lol u got sunder and well i got seven and cake went everywhere ? and yeah Rowan its just something about them that hits different

  3. Yeah Rowan hits different compared to Sunder but I love them both I’m going into a poly relationship with them,

    also I said all the same stuff about Sawyer,

    & the soundtrack to this game is one of my fav of any game, my fav song song from the soundtrack is called
    ’twisted up with me’

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