The Pineapple Show Ep81 With Alicia

The Pineapple Show Ep81 With Alicia

#Pineapple #Show #Ep81 #Alicia

“The Pineapple Show”

If you want a chance to talk to Alicia and win a date with her, send me an email at mellimonaco1@gmail.com to join the live.
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  1. Ricky is a whole simp! Shut the hell up she been being way worse skipping these niggas before even hearing what they got to say. You don’t have to date these guys they could be friends, or something not everything got to be a serious relationship. You really gonna use this platform to find a soulmate? Then this world is coming to an end.

  2. If she couldn’t go into deep details on why the last relationship didn’t work it’s bc she was the problem. She was being very vague w the answer that means it was deeper than the surface, and…… “she belongs to the streets😇🙏🏽”

  3. Bro this woman contradicts herself so bad, she said she’s tired of men talking about themselves all the time but when they ask her to tell them about her she throws the uno reverse. She wanna know about every man that pops up but don’t wanna talk about herself. This woman is fucking stupid and still got the mind of a fucking 15 year old at 31. Age got nothing to do w maturity, some ppl mature young some ppl mature when they’re older some ppl mature never and she seems like the latter option😩

  4. Your guest Sassy got a whole lot of inherent value left…having a child not gonna lower her Sexual Market Place Value…she has her youth, attractiveness, fertility and she's feminine…great sense of humor, approachable, aggreable and available..somebody better go get her..she looks 20…

  5. Who should pay for the first date: My wife insisted we pay for ourselves on the first date , I was insistent on paying but i think it made a difference in what i was used to when she switched it up on me.

  6. I was with cordaero on sassy being for the streets..but that's just her..nobody even knows what she is…she has a ambiguous look she could be anything dont put her on black Americans….dude a Clown for that and I bet money he's one of the self hating first, second or third generation immigrant who thinks anything but black is better🤡…cake soap worship back to ya homeland 🏃🤺

  7. Bruhh Cordaero…telling women the whole truth is like dropping an H bomb in the room, you are about to be burnt in the process too…let the broads navigate in their delusions…they're seeing chics around getting with someone decent by acting the proper…they know the formula but choose not too (we all adults here, at least most of us). For such a "show", if the pool that shows up gives them a clue, man u know what…F it…let's be realistic, most people will never get a clue 🥸

  8. Women are hilarious. She talked about how her date wouldn’t shut up about himself but said pineapple to a ton of guys because they weren’t talking. Tell me about yourself, NO, you tell me about you. Make up your mind chick. She just liked the attention.

  9. Cordaero is the realest…..Bring him Back Melli…
    dude came with the truth…white girl at the back " he was ugly"..
    girl U ugly inside..girl outdere with a "whole" Baby Daddy..
    and a child support court date..tryna be picky…does that sound like
    a situation for a 5'9 33 year old 6 figure ninja..she went real humble after Cordaero..lmaoooo
    has a whole husband in the friendzone and looking for a new ninja..she for Child Services….
    Melli has a kinda smile she puts on when u telling the truth…it's attractive..lol..

  10. She very immature for 31 yrs old … thank God for father have custody of child and live with father …. You hear her friend in back laughing and humiliating fellas with pineapple 🍍 lol 😂

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