This CPU Cooler is SO GOOD – Arctic Freezer 50 Review

The Arctic Freezer 50 claims to be the best CPU air cooler released in 2020 and its hard to find any fault with that claim from a performance and benchmarks …



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  1. the arctic freezer 50 has 37.5 maximum memory module height and modules that exceed this height could still be compatible if they have V-shaped or centrally recessed heatsinks so I'm asking if the OLOy WarHawk , T-Force Night Hawk and T-Force Delta RGB are compatible with this cooler or not?

  2. Holy fuck. This is the first time visiting your channel and I must say sir. You are quite the expert in environment lighting. I literally felt it.

  3. I would not recommend a product that has no replacement for the only moving parts in it (the fans) or got in the way of other components like the memory and the GPU.

  4. we already know why arctic freezer always had best at low temps and im gonna tell why if u dont know.
    arctic freezer does NOT have any other metal plate(copper plate for ex) between pipes and cpu…witch it makes it best for heat transfer…
    but other cpu cooler has that metal witch you see some heat increase in cpu because of that metal (witch is there to make better flat contact with the cpu but the bad thing is that the metal plate is soldered with the pipes witch causes weaker heat transfer between cpu and pipes)
    another thing..
    heat pipes always needs to be copper and no other metal metal plate included.
    im really impressed of how much stable and the temps change are so slow because of the good heat transfer..

  5. Love seeing these kinds of indepth reviews. Just a quirk of the data you got: the 1000-rpm performance is probably just down to the fan design. Like Cooler Master's old Silencios I was a big fan of, the five wide swept blades are designed to spin faster to push equivalent airflow of the usual 7+ steeper blade fans, but generate a much lower pitched, quieter noise in doing so (especially in the confines of a radiator or heatsink).
    This is also why their Freezer II and Freezer 34s do so well in noise and temperatures, they're fitted with the same P12 and P14 fans. They're basically better Silencios.

  6. what
    is better to buy ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 34 eSports DUO or ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 50 TR ?

  7. soo..what does this all mean? It means buy a Noctua. For a measly $20 more, this video shouldn't exist. Its like saying, why wipe your ass when you can go cheap & dirty.

  8. I have cooler master V8 GTS and a i7 6800k
    my CPU temps never get over 47.77c (118F) with a room temp of 24.72c (76.5F) it has a cooling delta of 23.05c (41.4F) thats pretty good for a Cpu fan cooler.

    I use to have cpu's hit 100c (212F) on the stock cooler. those things are crapola

  9. I purchased an Arctic CPU cooler 9 years ago. I recently wanted to re-use it in a different build but lost the mounting hardware. Despite the product being EOL and quite old, they still sent me every part I lost for free even though I offered payment – I think this is testament to their environmental claims. They have a loving customer support team and offer fantastic products for their price. I can't recommend them enough!

  10. Hello This cooler is compatible with T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 TF3D416G3200HC16CDC01 – Black,
    Thank you very much for your answer ^_^.

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