UNBOXING and FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Nike SB Dunk Low Civilist Replica

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Please do not ask me where to purchase counterfeit products in the comments. YouTube forbids it. I do not condone the buying or selling of counterfeit products. This channel is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing is for sale. No money is ever exchanged. All opinions are my own.


Legit checking helps the sneaker community as a whole from being prey to scammers. Many legit checking outlets use poor quality replicas as their example. My sources provide me with the higher tier replicas, to which I pour over all the flaws to help people from getting scammed.

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  1. Fuck yeah hypercolor shoes. Wish I still had my old shirt to go with it. I got a decent batch from weidian last year for cheap. They look very similar to these. Mine had the box and all the laces. Mine aren't that sensitive at all though so im jealous.

  2. Fingers are on the newer version of the sb dunk soles. Like the older ones don't have the fingers and don't have the expose foam in the middle of the sole. In addition, the newer versions have the heel pillows and the front lace wings can cover the laces. The first gen ones the lace wing leather is sew under the lace leather section.

  3. Almost all dunks with the fingers on the outsoles are newer models. It’s the new and improved outsole introduced halfway in the blue box era. It’s for more grip on a skateboard and is exclusive to sb dunks. The soles without fingers are traditional dunk soles. Some newer SBs have the traditional soles though, but it’s an extremely small amount.

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