Flux Deep Dive with Daniel Keller & Davy Wittock

Flux Deep Dive with Daniel Keller & Davy Wittock

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“Bits Be Trippin'”

This has been one the flux community and many other’s exploring what happens post ethereum have been looking for. A livestream looking at alternative ethash coins and their features. In this livestream we will go through the basics of Flux, value proposition and solid functional baseline people…



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  1. Interesting project but these guys really need to slow/dial down on the whole IT/Web agency corporate PR/marketing, it makes it difficult to grasp things sometimes lol
    I hope web3 will be more secured as stated because all the previous iterations have all been seriously hacked :$

  2. ''Next Generation Computational Network'' Yeah, inb your dreams… There is hundreds of coins out there that claim to be next generation web 3.0 network but we all know that its just pure lies and nothing more than a way to scam people into this and make more money. This is just another scam and copy of other copy coin that is copy of another copy etc… Even the Ethereum is basically scam ''father of all scam shitcoins and scam coin generator''. Its soon 2023 and this kind of crap getting very annoying. I hope that regulations kick in and people will face charges because of their scams and fake claims that are not true.

  3. How does DNS work on the ingress into flux . Dan talks about load balancers too – are they hosted as containers on the flux decentralized hosting services?. Trying to get my head around each of the hops/stages that traffic takes when going from a web client to a flux hosted container – and to understand how robust that is – and to also figure out how I could integrate this for testing purposes into some existing systems I run – and to draw it out into some architectural drawings to explain to others/create low level detailed documentation.

  4. Decentralized compute is absolutely a great way around the "proof of work is wasteful" argument. It's bringing people with compute power and people who need computer power together in a self-sustaining marketplace. Too cool. I love this conversation!

  5. Michael's such a sweetheart of a guy and I've appreciated his content for years, but this one was just painful to watch – 83 minutes of denial by all parties here.

    There is no "post ETH" era. It's over.

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