10GB Network card not pingable as management network

I just purchased 2 Mellanox ConnectX-3 CX341A 10Gb PCI-E Network cards and I am having trouble using these as management ports on my esxi 6.7 hosts.

With these cards i was hoping to replace my 1GBE and switch to 10GB however it seems that although vm’s are able to use the E1000E network adapters on the new 10GB network I am unable to use it for the management network.

When I connect the hosts to the network and add the physical adapter to the new vswitch I am not able to ping the new configured ip address. I am able to ping out from the host with vmkping -I vmk1 -d -s 1472 between any of the network cards on the same host however I am not able to ping it from my other esxi hosts or other computers on the network.

Please let me know what I may be missing or that I can use to troubleshoot. I have already updated the network drivers to []( with no luck.


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