Add newer ESXi to older VCenter?

I have a vmware installation running 6.7. I need to install some new hosts. Can I install them with 6.7U3? They won’t be in the same cluster, but I was hoping to manage them with the same VCenter server. Will that work?

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  1. If i’m understanding correctly, a 6.7 vCenter will have issues with hosts running 6.7U3?

    If so, i’m seeing an issue with joining those hosts back into vCenter 6.7 after updating them from 6.0 to 6.7U3.

    It won’t update the cert during the join process thus erroring out once I hit done.

    I have been able to get a couple back in though, so that just adds to the fun.

  2. As long as they are both 6.7, it *probably* will work. No one will recommend it, though, especially with the vCenter 3 full update releases behind the ESXi host. The vpxa that gets pushed from the vCenter server will be quite a bit older than the host.

    If it were a full version behind (6.5 managing 6.7 for example), it absolutely would not work.

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