Anyone have a link to VMware Tools for Ubuntu?

Testing out Ubuntu, trying to get a share going, every guide on the ‘net is requesting I use a script called “vmware-config-tools.pl”, which doesn’t exist because I performed a simple install and didn’t install it myself. Anyone have a link to the VMware Tools ISO for VMware Player (because “Reinstall VMware Tools” is greyed out and I don’t have a CD drive so I can connect the CD/DVD virtual drive with nothing in it)? Or is there a place I can find the script? Any help?

This is Ubuntu 19.04 64, running on VMware Player 15, on Windows 10 1903.

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  2. I don’t use open-vm-tools since it wouldn’t let me restart the guest OS from vcenter.

    I always kick off the VMware tools install from vsphere and install them in terminal.

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