Can’t click the “Finish” button in the “Welcome to VMware Workstation” window on Ubuntu 18.04

Hello all,

To clarify, this is an absolutely fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 (have also tried Xubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 18.04 server with a Mate Desktop, the issue is the same across the board).

So, for some time we’ve been running 16.04 server (with a mate desktop) and workstation 14.x working fine. We’ve now decided to upgrade to 18.04 and workstation 15.x but as the tile says, after successful installation of workstation 15.5.1 (have tried a couple of older versions, same issues, can’t go to old due to kernel support though), I go through all of the “Welcome to VMware Workstation” screens and arrive at the end. Regardless of specifying a license key or choosing “I want to try VMware Workstation 15 for 30 days”, clicking the Finish button does nothing. It’s not greyed out, it just does nothing when clicked and so I can’t complete the process and can’t launch Workstation.

Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas on a workaround?

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  1. Solved (leaving it here for future searches).

    I had a suspicion so, I installed it on a test Linux Mint machine and when clicking the finish button, it brings an elevated privileges prompt for password. So, back on the server, instead of launch vmware workstation from the desktop, I ran it with “sudo vmware” from the command line which of course, prompts me for a password meaning that the Finish button later on no longer has need and low and behold that worked.

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