Can’t enable clipboard on windows 10 guest in esxi 6.7


I have converted a windows 10 physical machine to esxi 6.7 and tried almost everything including sacrificing goat to lucifer to enable clipboard on this virtual machine but nothing helps.

My /etc/vmware/config file looks like this


`[root@WM2:~] cat /etc/vmware/config`

`bdir = “/usr/lib/vmware”`

`authd.proxy.nfc = “vmware-hostd:ha-nfc”`

`authd.proxy.nfcssl = “vmware-hostd:ha-nfcssl”`

`authd.proxy.vpxa-nfcssl = “vmware-vpxa:vpxa-nfcssl”`

`authd.proxy.vpxa-nfc = “vmware-vpxa:vpxa-nfc”`

`thd.fullpath = “/sbin/authd”`

`grep -i ‘vmx.fullpath = “/bin/vmx”‘ /etc/vmware/config || echo ‘vmx.fullpath = “/bin/vmx”‘ >> /etc/vmware/config`

`grep -i ‘isolation.tools.copy.disable=”FALSE”‘ /etc/vmware/config || echo ‘isolation.tools.copy.disable=”FALSE”‘ >> /etc/vmware/config`

`grep -i ‘isolation.tools.paste.disable=”FALSE”‘ /etc/vmware/config || echo ‘isolation.tools.paste.disable=”FALSE”‘ >> /etc/vmware/config`


What i am doing wrong? How can i enable clipboard on this machine?

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  1. What content are you trying to copy & paste between host & guest? AFAIK once you enable the option, you’re still limited to something like 64kb of text, and text only. Files still don’t copy.

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