Could not open virtual machine “Kali-Linux-2020.2a-vmware-amd64”

Could not open virtual machine “Kali-Linux-2020.2a-vmware-amd64” (C:\Users\Documents\Virtual Machines\kali-linux-2020.2a-amd64.vmwarevm\Kali-Linux-2020.2a-vmware-amd64.vmx):

Internal error.

Remove “Kali-Linux-2020.2a-vmware-amd64” from the library?


This is what happened when I tried to install Kali Linux on my pc, could anyone help me ?

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  1. I use iso every time. Last “could not open virtual machine error” i got was due to windows 2020 security changes. There’s a ton of windows security and virtualization settings that have to be disabled for vmware to work. The website help tells you SOME of it.

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