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I have a user that is trying to log into our Horizon 7.0.3 environment and is getting “Error: Couldn’t connect to server” on the client.


The connections servers are each behind security servers which are load balanced by a hardware LB.

The user is on Mac OSX 10.14.6 using Horizon Client 5.2.0.


I have tested on another mac on the same OS and client versions and it works just fine. We have hundreds of users and so far this is the only report like this. A member of our helpdesk verified basic things like network connectivity, DNS resolution and ping connectivity to the connection server. They tried re-installing the client but were unable to get it to connect.


I was able to get some client logs from the user and attached an example. I’ve skimmed through them a bit but must admin that I don’t see anything that stands out greatly in terms of root cause.


The same user was connecting as recently as last week but according to them just stopped working without any changes made.


Does anyone have any suggestions or additional insight from the attached log or description?

Any help is appreciated.

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