Dell EMC Unity supports VVOLs but not replication of VVOLs

I’m on the newest firmware yet the Dell storage array still does not support replication of VVOLs. Are they still too new for Dell? Have they made any statements saying that replication support is coming?

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  1. EMC was pretty much last to the party with vvol support despite owning VMware. I remember sitting in a VMWorld session maybe 5 years or more ago now where EMCs VNX team promised the VNX2 would support vvols along with XtremIO gen 1 via a code update. That all turned out to be a lie too so I guess I wouldn’t hold my breath for them to fully support something they’re competitors have all supported for many years now.

  2. From what I heard from a DellEMC engineer, from their research (through VMware) VVOL adoption was not common so it is not a priority for Unity. They are currently working on upgrading to be a VASA 3 provider, maybe on 5.2 or 5.3 code of Unity. I can’t remember if you have entitled licenses to RP4VMs, but that is suggested for VMware level replication with Unity. Not my favorite answer either, especially if you already set up the VVOLs and don’t have room in the pool.

  3. They’re only developing new major features (like an updated VASA provider) on their next gen arrays. This means you’ll need to buy a net-new storage array in order to get vVol replication support. It won’t be in the 1.0 version either. At least 12 months until vVol replication support, but likely longer or they may kill it all together to pull in other higher priority features.

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