Does anyone know the story behind this Nintendo Wii?

Does anyone know the story behind this Nintendo Wii?

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  1. Look at the edges of all of the buttons, CD slot, and door. The white suggests that this is a sticker/skin that was placed on the Wii to brand it with VMware. There’s another brand at the bottom (the blue lettering) which I can’t make out. My guess is that this was a promotional prize at a VMworld, VMUG, etc. that one of the presenters/partners/vendors gave away.

  2. I found this Nintendo Wii on a second hand website today and it has a VMware front. For the people who don’t know what VMware is, it is a virtualization company for IT businesses. It looks like it is a sticker. I couldn’t find a single thing on it on the internet! I asked the seller what it is exactly and he just told me it was an advertisement and otherwise a normal Wii.

    Is this perhaps a very rare edition of the Wii, like the gold one for the queen? Or was it probably used as a company console for lunch breaks? Or an employer gift? Does anyone know anything about this thing? I’m very curious if there is a story behind it.

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