Does Windows use VM’s cores if inactive?

I’m using Win10 and I’ve set up an Ubuntu VM, with 4 cores allocated and 8GB of RAM. I noticed that as soon as the VM starts it “takes” the allocated RAM (it’s listed as used in Task manager). However, in Task Manager I still see all cores of my CPU and it seems like Windows uses all of them if the VM is idle.

Is any of this true? Where can I learn more about this?

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  1. Are you saying that you see all four cores in Task Manager even if the VM is doing nothing? That is how it’s supposed to work. Windows is acting like a regular computer, just virtualized.

  2. Nice username lol. No assigned cores are not reserved by your VM, that would kind of destroy thr whole point of virtualization. vCPUs are a process like every other process that gets a cpu cycles allocation.

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