Does your host OS see what you do in a virtual machine?

I have a macbook and want to install Linux. Unfortunately though I can’t because my mac has the T2 chip, so I was thinking about installing Linux in a virtual machine. Is this as good for privacy as if I would replace my OS with Linux completely? Can the host OS see what you do in a VM? What do I have to know in terms of security and privacy if I want to do this?


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  1. The host has a certain amount of insight to the guest (CPU demand/usage, memory demand/usage) but can’t immediately see what the CPU is doing, or what is directly in memory, or even written to the hard disk.

    What sort of things do you plan on doing where that would be a concern?

  2. ofcourse the host could technically see what you do if you do not run a bare metal hypervisor. my advice. dump the mac and get a real laptop or workstation. your knowledge is fairly limited and that will only get in your way.

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