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I’m looking for some advise regarding copying a number of VM’s to a second VM server whilst keeping everything within the VM’s identical.


The system I am configuring has a pair of identical VM servers which will both host copies of all of the VM’s.


At any one time, half of the VM’s will be running on each server (but each VM will only be running on one server at a time)


Each server has the capacity to run all of the VM’s in the event that the other server fails.


I’m looking to keep the MAC addresses the same for software licensing, also each VM is accessed over RDP by a thin client PC and I need the thin clients to automatically connect to the VM regardless of which server it is running on.


The VM’s also connect to a control system to provide the user interface and the system uses MAC addressing for at least some of the connections.


I’m not sure if cloning the VM’s is quite what i need to do as I understand that the MAC addresses will be changed?


If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful.


Thanks in advance



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