Error – Migrating physical vcenter to VCSA 6.7. “Unsupported custom ports found: vSPhere Web Client Port (9444, default 9443)”

Hi guys,

I am trying to migrate physical vCenter 6.0 to VCSA 6.7 and running into issues. I first ran the migration assistant and ran into the following error. Whoever installed the vcenter chose to put in custom ports.

” the source system is configured with custom ports that are unsupported for the target appliance. Unsupported custom ports found: vSPhere Web Client Port (9444, default 9443 ”

Then ran the ui installer directory from another machine, but the following error keeps come up,

“Could not reach the migration assistant. Verify that the migration assistant is running on the source Windows vCenter or PSC on port 9123.

These are the things I have tried so far,

* Remove com.vmware.vcIntegrity
* Tried running UI installer on different machines
* checked firewalls, port 9123 not blocked. Checked netstat -na | find “9123”. VCenter server is not listening on that port.

Then downloaded vcenter 6.5 upgrade installer -> got to the the configure ports in hopes of changing the ports back to the default ports. But, all options are greyed out. I have run the installer as admin as well multiple times.



Any help will be much appreciated.

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  1. For the error about the migration assistant. Are you actually launching the migration assistant on the Windows vCenter? Its an executable you have to run before you launch the upgrade on another machine. It should launch a CMD window to let you know its running. That executable should be in a folder with the upgrade binaries you download from VMware.

    So how large of an environment do you have? When I consulted if the customers environment was small enough I would just migrate instead of upgrade. You lose historical data kept in logs and might have to do some rework if you use vDS. New vcenter name and IP will be needed. It was simpler and faster in most cases.

    If you use vDS I would migrate everything back to a standard switch. Remove hosts from the vDS when complete. Deploy a brand new vcenter. Setup your cluster and new vDS in the new vCenter. Disconnect the host from old vcenter and connect then in the new. Add hosts to new vDS and migrate the VMs at the same time. If you dont use Distributed Switches its even easier. Just disconnect and reconnect.

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